RPM Fusion Package Database


The Package Database is a central repository of package information in RPM Fusion. You will eventually be able to find and change all the metainformation about a package by searching the database. The current implementation is focused on the data that package developers and release engineers need to create packages and spin them into a distribution.

Recent packages added

Package Summary Branches
cuda/gdrcopy-kmod A fast GPU memory copy library based on NVIDIA GPUDirect RDMA technology master f29
rpi/raspberrypi-vc VideoCore GPU libraries, utilities and demos for Raspberry Pi master f29
free/gimp-heif-plugin A plugin for loading and saving HEIF images master f29 f28 el8 el7
free/libheif HEIF file format decoder and encoder master f29 f28 el8 el7
free/deepin-music Deepin Music Player master f29 f28
free/deepin-movie Deepin Movie based on mpv master f29 f28
free/deepin-screen-recorder Deepin Screen Recorder master f29 f28
free/deepin-voice-recorder Deepin Voice Recorder master f29 f28
cuda/buildsys-build-rpmfusion-cuda Tools and files used by the rpmfusion-cuda buildsys master f29 f28 el7
rpi/buildsys-build-rpmfusion-rpi Tools and files used by the rpmfusion-rpi buildsys master f29